Ultima Online (UO) Gold Surge: The Unstoppable Rise

26th Jan 2023

Over the many years of Ultima Online, the price of gold has risen and fallen many times, but mostly fallen. Game developers work to create an ecosystem that generates less gold in order to help with the supply side. For many years, there was only a rise as the demand from players grew. The goal of any game is to stabilize its supply and demand for coins and items. Ultima Online (UO) currency is currently trading at about 15 cents per million. Just take a look here: https://www.uoking.com/UO/Gold You may be asking yourself, "What could cause the value to drop from $10 per to just 15 cents?"

UO Gold Duped

A key role in the price of gold comes from hacks and people's ability to dupe it back in the day. This led to a massive influx in supply over many months. With so much gold being introduced without anyone actually obtaining any naturally, the price of items began to rise quickly. Eventually, the cost of rare items went way beyond the price cap on player vendors, forcing them to sell them manually or put them on auction safes.

Farming Ultima Online (UO) Gold

Due to the measures taken to combat the duped gold, it became very difficult to farm more, and instead, many places farm the items and sell them to obtain the existing gold supply already in the game. Some who are just starting and need anything they can get will buy a bag of sending. These are used to move piles of UO gold from your character to your bank storage. They are convicting but carry charges that need to be refilled to keep sending items or gold.

Buying Ultima Online Gold For Sale

There have always been well-known brokers in Ultima Online who provided gold, items, game codes and more. There were only a few of them for almost 15 years, but lately new stores have been emerging. UOKing is a proud store that's been serving UO for many years. They only use legit means of obtaining gold and items, which helps players when choosing which broker is trustworthy. Buying Ultima Online gold has never been easier than it is today, as these brokers have fine-tuned their service over the years.

Gold Facts

  • 1000 million gold equals 1 platinum.
  • Gold cannot be insured or blessed.
  • Gold can only be sent to secure storage with a bag of sending.
  • The most common way to get gold is by farming items to sell.
  • You can carry on average about 50K gold before you are overweight.

Future of UO Gold

Although the current state of Ultima's economy has been wildly adjusted to match inflation, it still functions and creates a viable marketplace for the players. No matter how much gold or platinum is introduced, the economy will adjust. Many resources were used in this research and can be found below. Only time can tell if the value in-game rises again to all-time highs.

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