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Science And Innovation Clash

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Luma Lab

LUMA LAB IS NOW PART OF IN3 - INCLUSIVE INNOVATION INCUBATOR UNDER THE BRAND IN3 EDUCATION. Bring your innovation to the best incubator. Molding our reality into inviting technology and a collaboration of many people to lead the world in its quest for innovations and artists.

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What We Teach

Use Luma lab as a learning platform for developers and entrepreneurs to come together and solve relatable problems with the mind power you all have collectively as part of the experience here.

Children and Adults: Education is available for both, as well as, positive learning spaces. Our services and learning packages for child are offered in after school programs, workshops, camps, and other community based engagement services.

Experience with technology and being in a hands on envirnment is crucial for developing those skills further, which is why Luma Labs exists to bridge that gap.


I can truly say that Luma Lab has changed my life. They have opened so many windows of opportunities for me it's truly unbelievable. They gave me the knowledge that can really take me far as an, coding, wire framing and much more. Because of the team over at Clearly Innovative I aspire to be the next Steve Jobs and with their support I know I can do it.

- Miles Temoney, Student and Innovator

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